We believe in maintaining a workplace serenity, which would not only unify our employees in performing their tasks but also builds a constructive interface which would yield great results for team work.


We emphasize on existence of mutual understanding between our employees which play a key role in employee satisfaction that in turn contributes for the growth and development of Dwarakamai.


We believe on a notion that the growth and development of a firm are the products of collective efforts of its employees. We ensure the existence of an unbiased environment for our employees at workplace.

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DWARAKAMAI is a highly performance oriented firm, accommodated with able professionals possessing high standards of work morals and workplace ethics. We desire to work with career oriented and committed candidates who can contribute their best effort for the growth of our firm. We recruit candidates on part time/full time basis; we validate the candidates on the basis of performance rather than grades

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  • Creative and independent individuals.
  • Knowledge in HTML, Css,
  • Complete knowledge and grip in Web designing Tools.
  • Any CMS Knowledge ( Content Management System).
  • Potential to handle wide range of databases.
  • We look forward to potential marketing candidates with impressive personality and communication skills.
  • We would love to support talented candidates at marketing who possess substantial ideas which contributes to the growth of our firm.

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