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Our Web Maintenance Services keep your website in tip top condition

There is no mistaking the fact that your website is a marketing tool 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. The first connection that a customer makes with your business is your website. To keep your website up and running without any glitch and to attract the highest number of returning customers, you need proper web maintenance plans. At Dwarakamai, we offer professional web maintenance services that include but not limited to basic content updates (adding, deleting, updating of products), correcting the broken links to external and internal sites, designing services, CMS updates, newsletters and mailing lists management, search engine optimization, and speed optimization.

Why Choose Us

Most website owners have a misconception that their website is a one-time project. Unfortunately, this is not the case in general. You need proper web maintenance services to keep your website up and running without any glitch. We offer a huge range of Web maintenance services at a variety of platforms to meet your needs and budget. We dare to be different than others since we offer inexpensive plans tagged with high quality service. We aspire to offer guaranteed service and reliability, on time and on budget service, cost effective monthly subscription plans, fast turnaround times, and no hidden charges.



What We provide for your website

  • Weekly backups and data restoration in case any need arises
  • Change content and Images in Existing pages and content.
  • Fixing site broken links
  • Site traffic and statistics report
  • Affordable maintenance plans for CMS and eCommerce websites

Support from Us

  • We provide 24 x 7 online and technical support
  • Most of the requests will be catered in 24 hours’ time Or the timeframe we have committed
  • Perfection at every level provided by web maintenance experts
  • By hiring our highly skilled experts, you save money, time and effort
  • Contact us for a quick estimate for your project

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